January 7, 2010

Why I fell in love with J.A.

I feel bad for Jane Austen. I really do. Hers was such a remarkable life. It was a life that one can look as a model. Love does not always have to end in happiness and of both parties ending up together. I do not know what love is. I do know that it does not make you equip you with a source of everlasting happiness. But what it does do is make you a better person. It will make you achieve excellence. It will make you aim for things higher than yourself and of thing that you alone could never imagine. It gives that assurance that whatever you do there is always someone who will love you irrespective of everything. And that is how I saw her write. It seemed like I was there watching her with her pen. I loved the line, “I shall live by my pen.” It is a very brave thing to say. Especially when we take it in reference to someone like me. I loved everything about her. She got up early in the morning and wrote. And how satisfying it must be! Devoting yourself a particular time. I loved the fact that she did not immediately look for perfection in her writing. She was not wary of making corrections. I always am. I never stop to reconsider my work. In fact, I hate re-reading everything I write for betterment purposes. I used to think that this was how my piece was supposed to be. But now I will be honest and say I was taking a short way out. It takes hard work to better your work. Her way of cutting was most extraordinary! And she knew exactly what was to be written. It takes time to achieve whatever you want. And immense patience. My constant question is how one gets that amount of patience. It seems unnatural. But I suppose that you acquire that as you go along something you truly love. And that applies to humans as well, I think. ‘Epiphany-ied’ sense of relationships. I agree that one can write better after you have experienced something. But that is in contradiction as well. What really touched me was that tom named daughter Jane. How beautiful a tribute is that? And in the end she became what they both wanted- Jane Lefroy. 


  1. after reading this one...i am craving 2 watch d movie u mentioned.....

  2. Wonderful!

    Its never too late to realise where you are going wrong and how you can correct it. The fact that you have admitted now that you never stopped to reconsider your work is a positive sign, and I am glad that you will now work towards it.

    Always give a second look at your work for 2 things:

    1. To make it better for your own improvement and excellence.
    2. Someone is reading your work. And it is your duty to make sure that you are giving them a good reading exprerience by constantly improving on your work.

    All the best! Keep writing, like Jane Austen did :)


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