September 7, 2010

Why so serious?

Whenever I sit to Write WRITE, I am always, in my brain compelled to come up with something deep. Something that will make sense only to the smart-asses and others who don't understand will marvel, open-mouth-in-awe of my writing style. That hasn't happened yet but what it brings me to is a very important question. Why literature is considered the domain of the 'Intellectual'? Why isn't a poem by, say Langston Hughes comparable to a song by John Legend and why can't I critically analyse both, together? This is a debate that I am dealing with. I'll explain why it is a debate in the first place.

I always, ALWAYS want to write something highly intelligent. Not because I want to sound smart. But because I want to appear smart in front of 'certain intellectual' people. The fact that I write something that is not just appreciated but deliberated upon is my dream. But till that time, why can't I reconcile with the fact that it is OK to write stuff that doesn't sound intelligent or smart. It is wrong for me to use the word 'Reconcile'. Simply because these are the things that make me who I am, in this present moment. So, if I don't respect the present ME, who else will?

Now I am realizing that it is completely alright if I choose to make my writing sound like I am a student in college. Of course it is alright! And also, it is completely okay if I write about stuff I am pre-occupied with. Like College and Friends, and FUTURE and Mr. Awesome.

Right? :O


  1. "Because I want to appear smart in front of 'certain intellectual' people" ---- WHY!? I dont wanna feel left out :(

  2. your article...nice one..and we share the same philosophy in our e magazine..
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    till then..
    keep reading..keep smiling...
    - divyanshu


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