March 17, 2011

Can I Make You Love Me Again, Daddy

I know what I did hurt you,

And I know you will find it hard to trust me again.

But believe me when I say that,

I can raise this baby alone.

It is true that I do not know

What it takes to raise a child.

But when I heard that there is

A human growing inside me,

I no longer remained a child.

No, it was not done in the heat of passion,

I agree this is not how it was meant to be.

But there no way I am going to let

this baby suffer for the mistake made by me.

Won’t I regret this decision later?

Maybe I will, maybe I will not.

It is future still,

Even in this case, no one knows.

But for now I know that

I just cannot be selfish

Nor can i let everyone else decide

Whether I am ready to have a child.

I know it will be hard, Daddy

But as long as I know you still love me

And believe that I can do this

Then maybe, I will be able to do it right

And show this child, a better world.


  1. its the most beautiful piece if writing I've ever come across! swear!
    and even though i am feeling low. i give you my most precious reaction my *dazzling smile*
    ILY <3

  2. WOW! I am honored to say the least.
    And I am very glad that you appreciated it. I always thought that experience is utmost important but I guess, imagination can sometimes work. :)


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