July 30, 2011


I am in a place right now where everyone who is closest to me is far away. My parents live five countries away. My best friend lives in Chennai (Damn you, NIFT) and my other two best friends live in Bombay. And finally, my favourite boy in the whole world lives in Pune. And sometimes, it sucks. I love my friends here, more than life itself. But I realy do miss the former people so much. Phones just never seem enough sometimes. So much time passes before I get to see any of them. And it is risky. Because, you never know when they may drift apart. I am specially scared of losing my connection with my parents. Because they keep worrying about me. They worry that I will not be able to be stable here unless they I lose focus on them. Which is not true. I want to know everything about their day and life. I miss them so much sometimes its painful. But such is life. I have made a pact with Dad that when he retires, he and mom and shreya move in with me. And I think its a cool plan. As for Aru, she and I have been handling a LDR way before she moved to Chennai. She moved to Japan when I was six. We were together in Bombay for three years and then she moved to Dehra. And now Chennai. I was desperately hoping she would come to Delhi for college but its cool. Chennai will make her independent. And then we have decided we will become the coolest roomates EVER! Mister Awesome is far away. He is adorable and I wish we could do all those things that normal couples do. But I know we will be together one day.
Hence, when I finally get to live with everyone, my house will have:
My parents, Shreya's family, Mister Awesome, His mom, His nana-nani, Breezer, A lhasapso, Aru and her family. Yay!! This is a great assurance for the being alone for now. :)

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