July 31, 2011

Revise Revise, until it sounds like music

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine. She is a very smart person and I especially love talking about books with her. We were talking about how canonical poets used to edit their work very meticulously. So, I asked her whether she edits her poems afterwards. And she said yes. Now, there is a reason why I write it now. And her explanation has stuck with me.
She said that when we write poems, they are pure emotions. The raw emotions are best understood by you and no one else. Therefore, we need to edit our poems.
I guess, while we are in the process of editing those poems, we clear out the parts which are too personal. We can make our message more clear. And then make our poems mor universal. The sad part is, I haven't written poems in a while and to tell the truth, I really miss it. After writing a poem, I miss the exhiliration of seeing a poem in front of me that is truly mine, even though it is a product of raw emotion.
Maybe I should make a sincere effort to write now. And not just creative, but critical. Because to get into my masters course, I have to learn to write creatively.
PS: Tomorrow is the first LitSoc meeting since I became Prez. Yay! I hope it goes awesomely well!

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  1. Don't you think that sometimes the raw emotions are what makes a poem your own personal poems?
    They are like flowers best left untouched in the tree of thoughts. :)
    Editing might make it understandable, yes. And as students pursuing a Masters in English we do need to write critically. So I guess writing poems with a message albeit with a much personal thought behind it should be your way out of this dilemma?

    Another hearty congratulations on being the LitSoc. president! <3


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