May 16, 2010


I've been told, a lot of times, that I cannot take criticism. And that I get defensive and loud if I told that I am wrong. Most of the times, my response to these allegations/accusations/truths is an unintelligible "Yeah, right". I scoff and walk off. (Oo, that rhymes!). But yesterday I realized that this habit of mine could prevent me from growing as a writer. And more importantly, growing into a better person.
                       I am deeply hypocritical. When did I realize this? Yesterday itself. Yes, yesterday was a big day for revelations. So, I saw an example of two people, who were so blind sighted by their own thoughts that it made me wonder whether one day, I could end up like that? It’s not just the fear of being wrong, there was more a fear of losing people who want the best for me and I don't give them a chance because of my stubbornness.
                                                                                I know what happens to people when they don't stop to consider their actions. Their loved ones, despite all the love that they have, give up. Some might say that if you love someone, you won’t stop wishing for their betterment. But at this stage, this becomes more like a hopeless prayer then a verbal appeal. I have done this too, given up on people I love. I used to do it in excess. I've toned it down now. I thought to myself, and realized that, everyone is allowed to make mistakes.
                                                                  My form of criticism was extreme. Now, the real trouble came in. And thank God, I've realized it. I only ask for people's opinion on things I know I've done right. Be it my writing or my actions. But I should now learn to ask on things that, I know will make me work harder. It might mean a possible re-write or an apology or a complete alter in life's habits. But if it’s for the better, why not? 

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  1. i m soo happy tat u finally realised it ..... nyc article by d way ....


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