May 21, 2010

Politics and Changes

When I was young, I desperately wanted to change things. The only way to do that was through getting into mainstream politics. I always thought that people who aren't directly involved with the political process were passive and they didn't really care. To me, it seemed that you have to devote all aspects of your life to it. I remember thinking to myself that I will not have a romantic liaison or fun with my friends (and more, extremely stupid things) when I become a politician.
                                                            Then, the phase of utter hopelessness set in. I completely gave up on any ideas of changing the system. I saw how people have tried and failed, miserably. I noticed people's reactions and decided that I, alone cannot change anything. This was the complete opposite of what I used to think before, in my years of extreme naivety. But during this phase, I became Apolitical. I thought it was dirty. I generalized everyone to being lazy, greedy and passive.
                                                                 Yesterday something very profound struck me. Something that would help me attain that balance which I have been wanting for a long time. I know myself, I cannot remain unaffected. I react. To everything and anything. I think. being passive is not an option for me. But I also know that my vision is clouded. I am not very practical. I am more emotional than necessary. So, I know I will not make a very good politician.
                                          So what can I do? I can take a stand. I can think rationally about it. I can use whatever tools I have, to speak up for things I believe in. Everyone has the  drawing room discussions about things. I can let people close to me know where my loyalties lie. I know it won't change things but there is always a probability that I can be the change I believe in, right?

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