May 7, 2010

Right to (Give) Death

Yesterday, Amir Ajmal Kasab was given the death sentence by the Mumbai High Court. Everybody who faced the nightmare of 26/11 Bombay Attacks , rejoiced. But there were some people, who were against the sentence. According to them, Capital Punishment is a disgrace to a democracy. But is IT? Or is the policy 'death for death' justified?
                           I was always against death penalties. I had read up on every page at the Amnesty International website about the evils of Capital Punishment. I had an opinion when it came to such punishments.But when it came to Bombay, why did my opinion change? And why is it, that now I think that it is a just punishment?
How can one man, who kills so many innocent people, in cold blood, be allowed to live?
 How can one man, who has destroyed so many families, most of them poor, be allowed to live? 
How can one man, whose plans resulted in a child losing his parents and scarring him forever, be allowed to live?
Why should we feed him, when his guns cost the livelihoods of so many? 
Why should he be allowed to live?
He made me question Humanity.
Why should he be allowed to live?
He made me doubt my fellow beings.
Why should he be allowed to live?
He disgraced an entire section of people.
Why, on earth, should he be allowed to live?
Is there a need for more?

And no, this isn't my College-Perpetual-Rebel-Anger talking. I am completely rational when I say this. There is so much more that I want to write but as I see, there isn't much I can do.

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